Uniquities of a disappearing world - Airfields

The photographic project has investigated different aspects of this history, starting from photography and history, but also trying to identify the future and the marks of this story on the architectures and the buildings around the country. Focus of one part of the investigation has been the need to understand where is still possible to say or not that these buildings has a background related with the history of the Soviet Union in East Germany.
These case studies are related to the former airfields that the photographers Stefano Corso and Dario-Jacopo Laganà have found during the 2 years of the project, used in unique ways.

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Among the possible uses of the airfields, the use as solar field is the most common, for the flat concrete base of the ground.

A small portion of this airport is now used as Go-Kart circuit in Brandenburg

Tropical Islands are becoming recently famous as report and theme park, housed in the “Aerium”, a former airship hangar - the biggest free-standing hall in the world, built for the development of a heavy lift airship, but the company went insolvent. The building is on the former military Wehrmachts-Luftwaffe airfield in Brandenburg, then used by the Soviet Army from 1950 to 1994.

The Fusion Festival, whose name is written in Cyrillic and already draws a connection with this story, is considered by many as the European Burning Man. It Is a festival of music and art organized by Kulturkosmos since 1997, held in the north of Berlin at the former military airport of Läry/Müritz, reopened for civilian use in 1994. The hangars and the bunkers are now used as facilities for art and music of the festival.

The areas near the airfield and the hangars of this airport are now used as Bio-gas facilities